DNA animated

DNA animated

We have a few posts on the use of DNA in genetic genealogy, and we understand that all of the detail can be very confusing. So if you want DNA explained in the context of genealogy, you’ve come to the right place. Sometimes, getting your first (or second or third) report raises more questions than it answers. What does it mean that the report says you’re in the “Western Modal Haplotype” or the R1b1a1b1* haplogroup? Maybe you’re in R1b1a1b1* and U5a; and what does that mean?

Well, there is someone who can assist you in working through the details of your DNA results from a genetic genealogy test lab and helping you put them in context. That person is Roberta Estes and you can visit her site at DNA Explain.

Among other aspects of her work and background, she is researching the lost colonists of Roanoke through DNA analysis of descendants. So who knows what little gems of information are hiding away in your own DNA? Contact Ms. Estes and see.

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